Newtown, CT

Newtown, CT - Is a great town to live in!  We moved to Newtown from Long Island, NY back in 2000.  There are many things that we like about living in Newtown:

  • Its close proximity to NYC - about 1 hour away
  • Boston, MA is a little further away - 2.5 hours
  • The country feel of the town and how you see people you know where ever we go in town
  • The unhurried way of life as compared to the city and more urban areas
  • The wildlife - there's lots of it, it's diverse and it's every where
  • Carminuccio's Pizza - try the shrimp pizza - it's to die for!
  • Ice cream - who likes ice cream??  We have Holy Cow on Church & Ferris Acres Creamery on Sugar Street - Yum! Bada Bing is one of our favorite flavors at Ferris.
  • The $3.00 movie theatre at Edmond Town Hall - Check the placard outside on Thursday for the new movie
  • Our LifeinNewtown Blog is a great source of information for you
  • The Newtown Flagpole on Main Street - it flies a summer flag and a winter flag
  • The Halloween celebration that takes place every year on Main Street

Common questions that people new to Newtown ask us are "What are the different sections of Newtown?"  "Is Sandy Hook its own town?"  Here is a blog post that answers those questions:


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