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www.LifeinNewtown.com - Our Real Blog - Back in 2008, we started a blog called, www.LifeinNewtown.com.  When we created LifeinNewtown.com, our goal was to blog about living in Newtown and the local real estate market.  Pretty simple, right?

Well, it was simple until we were recently given this blog space on our website, www.connecticuthomesforsale.com.  At first we thought we'd have 2 separate blog sites, but that has already gotten too complicated and time consuming for us.

So, we thought it best to write a short blog post about our blog, www.LifeinNewtown.com and provide you with a little information about it.

www.LifeinNewtown.com has a ton of information on it.  We've been blogging there for 8 years now.  There are tons of real estate statistics and information about Newtown.  You can search (under the GOOGLE icon) on www.LifeinNewtown.com for posts about different items.  You can also scroll down and search the Categories for information.  We re-indexed our blog posts earlier this year and think it's now easier to navigate the Categories section.

Here are a few posts from www.LifeinNewtown.com that you may find interesting:

As you can see, there is a variety of information on www.LifeinNewtown.com.  Click on the link in the last sentence.  We invite you check it out and come back often.  Bookmark / add to your favorites.  New content comes on periodically. 

Almost forgot to mention, that you can search for homes across the country from www.LifeinNewtown.com, too.  Type in the city (example: Philadelphia, PA) in the box ABOVE the GOOGLE icon. 


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