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Bob and Richelle Ward, Realtors

Bob and Richelle Ward have worked together since the late 1980’s when they worked for a Fortune 500 contracting company in New York City. At the time, Bob was the youngest Corporate Officer in the history of the parent company and was Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Richelle headed up all administrative services for the most profitable division of the company. They learned early on that their professional strengths meshed together to form a dynamic and solid team. Their work relationship grew into a more personal one that has resulted in a successful marriage of many years.

In 2000, Bob and Richelle left their hectic New York lives and moved to Newtown, CT. Shortly thereafter, they set their focus on residential real estate sales and have never looked back. Their friendly unwavering nature combined with knowledge earned from their prior careers gave Bob and Richelle a solid foundation on which to build their new business.

Bob and Richelle’s longevity in the real estate business is due to their being a husband and wife real estate team. Bob and Richelle work together side by side and they are who you deal with. They are accountable to their clients and to each other.

Consistency is an integral part of providing an authentic client-centric experience and Bob and Richelle bring it every time. Bob and Richelle’s proven track record has created a large client base that generates both repeat business and a steady stream of referral business.